Well isn’t this a little awkward!  First posts usually are… 😉

But its time for me to jump aboard and drag you along with me!  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Let’s talk crafting.  Ooooooo, can you picture it?  You…an entire day to yourself and your favorite craft store just opened.  All those rows of goodies, calling out to you; ‘Come over here first!’, ‘No!  Come look here first!’  What’s the first isle you head down (you brought your list, right?  Me neither!)?

For me, its the card stock aisle.  I love paper like a quilter loves fabric; all the patterns, colors, and textures are a delight to me.  I love how far paper has come in terms of design!  I still remember how cartoonish scrapbook paper was 10-15 years ago and how I would look at it and wonder, do I really like this enough to permanently adhere my pictures to it?!?!?  Thanks goodness, those day are long gone!  Now I can choose between paper that has glitter, flocking, embossing and more or I can start simple and choose from one of the many beautiful colors of plain card stock…Now all that’s left is to figure out where to hide that new paper stack until I can pull all the sheets out and blend them in with my existing stash!