Every year, about this time, I start pondering my New Years resolutions.  Some years I opted out of the tradition because it seemed that most resolutions lost steam after about a month.  Ok, maybe a week!  LOL  And like many women, I always tended to stick with the same old, same old — lose weight, exercise more, blah blah blah.  Its not that I couldn’t stand to lose a few pounds here and there (yes, and there too!) and I know I need to move my tush more, but if that’s a battle I’m always in, its not really a resolution.  So this year its time to mix things up and shake things loose!  No, no honey…not THAT loose, goodness.  Nice moves though 😉

This year I’m going to do some CRAFT resolutions.  What?  You don’t think those qualify?  Here, look in the Women’s Guide to New Years Resolutions guide book… no where does it state that you CAN’T have craft resolutions.  It just states that resolutions must fall under one of the three main categories (Mind, Body, Family).  I happen to think my resolution falls under all three.  How?  Well, …  Crafting exercises my mind and an active mind is a healthy mind.  Body; crafting is relaxing for me and everyone needs SOME relaxation in their life.  Relaxation helps reduce stress and gives the body a chance to heal and undo the damage from daily life.  And family, that’s the easy one!  A crafting mom is a happy mom!  And everyone knows that a happy mom = a happy house!

So!  Now that we’ve handled the housekeeping portion of this post…on to the juicy stuff!

I am very much a ‘color within the lines’ crafter.  If I’m making a 4×6 card, nothing on that card strays outside of that, self-imposed, 4×6 frame.  So my goals this year, learn new techniques and then apply that learned technique to help me craft outside the box.  To loosen up the grip on my ‘frames’ and let my creativity grow and expand (no, waistline, not you…you stay put, right where you are!).  I want to explore new colors, patterns, papers, styles, products and more!

And with that thought in mind…  the blinkie was born!  hahahaha

Follow me and my trusty sidekick Mischief (my Pinc eCraft) along on this new crafting adventure!  Each week I’ll post pictures of projects that I’ve done, along with the list of materials used, instructions and maybe, just maybe, some video tutorials too 🙂  And for those of you crafters that are on Macs — Fear not, for this crafter is too!  Are you ready?  Let’s GO!