Here’s a quick video on how to create a simple SVG in Inkscape using a jpg.


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  1. willa looney

    I have bought a craftwell die cutting machine but can not get help on how to make svg files for texts that I want to write. Can you help me out. Im not very smart when it comes to a computer but from your videos you are. Please help me for I can not get craftwell to help me at all.

    Willa Looney

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Although Craftwell’s software enables the use of SVGs, the software does not create them…so Craftwell is not in a position to help in this regard. If you would like to create SVGs, your best bet is to learn Adobe Illustrator (if you own the software) or Inkscape (which is a free program). I’m still in the early stages of learning how to make SVGs, so I spend time watching tutorials for both programs that I find on youtube and then play around with the concepts I’ve learned. I recommend starting with simple coloring book style images and converting them to SVGs and then branch into creating them from the ground up. But as far as teaching you how to do it, I can’t. Its something that I’m still learning how to do myself…

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