This weekend we attended the last banquet for this school year and for the Jr. High…  I would be lying if I didn’t say that it was bittersweet; its hard to believe my ‘baby’ will be starting High School this Fall.  HIGH SCHOOL!  I’m so not ready for that…  Didn’t I just give birth to her a couple years ago?!?!?!

How did it go from this…

to THIS so fast? :’-(

 All decked out and ready to go…

Its an underwater theme this year… and I match!  hahahaha

Everyone looks so grown up; the girls with their dresses, hair done and make-up and the boys in their suits.

And then it happens!

And I’m reminded that although they look grown up…they’re still just jr. high girls!  lol

Gotta love ’em though!

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