I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so much love… And some of you  are showing it in ways that just fill my heart to bursting with pride!

My mother-in-law, Rita, is a true example of being a soldier in my fight against breast cancer!  Since my diagnosis she has continued to fill my mailbox, that one that sits at the end of my driveway, with get well soon cards.  Every week there are cards that greet me with smiles, well wishes, jokes and sometimes just a simple ‘I love you’ and those cards are a constant reminder that even though she is many, many miles away – I’m always in her thoughts and in her heart.  Thank you Rita!
Vinnie and Caryn – Not only did Vinnie buzz his head (giving my brother a run for the money on handsomest buzz job) but he and Caryn ran in a race, in my honor, to raise money for cancer research!  So awesome!
My sister, Rachel, never ceases to surprise me!  Stickers on her car, stickers for me, hair chopped, stuffed animals to help keep me smiling and comfortable…just all around best sister, ever!
Sabrina – even when YOU’RE hurting from your own crazy surgery, you’re still there letting me know I’m not alone and keeping me laughing with funny phone calls, text messages and FaceTime.
Dad – You’re in the toughest spot of them all…so many miles away, yet you let me know that you’re right here with me with phone calls, emails and cards.
Mom – This has been so hard on you, but you always manage to stay strong for me and to let me know every day that you love me MORE.  Which I know you do 🙂  Thanks for helping me keep a clear head and for continuing to keep the information flowing so that I can make informed decisions…for now.  Once the cancer is gone I’m totally going to back to being immature and listening to my music way too loud!  I Love You!  hehehe
Jason and Silke – such fun, crazy busy lives…yet always time for me.  Thank you.  give Jackson a big hug n kiss for me!
Debbi, Courtney and Kevin – Thank you SO much for the last hoorah!  Great munchies, great drinks and loads of laughs…all things I really needed!
Robert – Thank you for the never ending flow of funnies and for always checking in on me.  You’ve made it your goal to keep me smiling through this mess and you have yet to fail 🙂  Thanks to you, I’ll eat nuts instead of go nuts LOL
Uncle Mike – Thank you.  I can’t say all the reasons why, so I’ll just leave it at ‘Kona’.  I love you.
I also must thank my dad and my brother for each giving of themselves in a way that has helped me and my family through a financially devastating time.
To everyone who comments on my pictures and signs my guestbook – THANK YOU!  I read and appreciate them all!  Please keep them coming!
This week is going to suck…Who am I trying to kid?!?!? LOL  These next 6 months are going to suck, but its all temporary and I will get through it with the love and support of all of you and especially because of my husband, Mike, who’s there for me through EVERYTHING.  Thank you honey, I couldn’t do this without you <3