Had our first bump in the road…but with a hearty bag of drugs in hands, we’ll manage to conquer this too 🙂

My cancerous side decided to turn bright red last night and was throwing off a lot of heat so I met with my GYN and MO (medical oncologist) and both are concerned that an infection is trying to take hold so onto antibiotics I go…along with fiornal for the chemo headache and effexor for the hot flashes.  I am starting to run out of room on my night stand for all the bottles I keep acquiring! LOL  But I’ll be thankful for the relief.  A hot rack in this case is not a good thing!  Bwaaahaahaahaaa
All in all, it was nice to see just how available my team is should something come up after hours 🙂  My cancer team (nurses included) rock!