More like 2 years in review, but who’s counting?! We bought a new home   We went to New Orleans We got braces, I discovered snapchat filters and we got our braces off. Samantha went to Prom My baby graduated! My husband built a pool and we had a great summer!   The Halloween/Christmas lights got a facelift.  The entire show had to be rebuilt to fit the new house.   Surprise! We prepared for Harvey, nervously laughed through it… Read more »

It started so innocently – My husband covers our house in Christmas lights every year and puts on a show.  So he asked me to make him a sign. This sign is 24×36 inches and it made with outdoor vinyl, Oracal 651 to be exact. Now guess how wide my Zing is and how wide the vinyl is.  Do you have your guesses ready?  Well my Zing has a maximum width of 13″ and the vinyl that I can get… Read more »