It started so innocently – My husband covers our house in Christmas lights every year and puts on a show.  So he asked me to make him a sign.

This sign is 24×36 inches and it made with outdoor vinyl, Oracal 651 to be exact.

Now guess how wide my Zing is and how wide the vinyl is.  Do you have your guesses ready?  Well my Zing has a maximum width of 13″ and the vinyl that I can get locally is 12″.  So that’s a 24″x36″ sign, made with 12″ vinyl and on a 13″ Zing.  Did you brain just do a ‘wait, what?’  Yeah, mine did too.  For the most part, the sign was pretty straight forward since none of the lines (wording, etc) are very tall.  They’re just long.  But do you see that awesome Santa Clause?  He is definitely NOT 12″ wide or tall.  I had to break the design in half, cut it and then line up the 2 pieces on the coroplast.  Those of you that work with vinyl know that the second the vinyl hits the surface, it’s stuck.  If it’s a small piece, you may get lucky and not stretch the vinyl while pulling it off.  With a little help from my daughter, we conquered that sign and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

But what happens when you’ve performed a minor miracle?  Yup, that’s right…you get asked to do it again.

This time, its for the Halloween light show.  Which, if you’d like to learn more about it, click here.  Yet another 24″x36″ sign :/

And that sign, led to this one…

*objects in pictures are WAY bigger than they appear.

And this one…which I made for my mom, earning me the title of golden child for Christmas 2017.  Sorry, Jason, better luck next year!


Vinyl just isn’t about decals, just as my Zing isn’t just about paper.  So don’t let your perceived roadblocks get in the way…


What I used:
KNK Zing
Coroplast (Home Depot)
Wood (Home Depot)
Acrylic Paint
Oracal 651 (permanent vinyl)
Oracal 631 (temporary vinyl)
Transfer Tape

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