Dear Diamond Pretty and new Perfectly flawless too good to be true Dear diamond You shine like the sun… -Miranda Lambert I love things that shimmer and sparkle! Glitter and gems are nothing new in the scrapbook industry; neither are tweezers and flying gems. There is nothing worse then trying to pick up these tiny gems with a pair of tweezers and, just as you’re hovering over the spot where it’s going to go, the tweezers snap together and the… Read more »

“Butterfly Fly Away” You tuck me in, Turn out the light kept me safe and sound at night little girls depend on things like that Brushed my teeth and combed my hair had to drive me everywhere you were always there when I looked back You had to do it all alone Make a living, make a home Must have been as hard as it could be And when I couldn’t sleep at night Scared things wouldn’t turn out right… Read more »