Since I’ve been trying really hard to give my body a chance to heal from these past two surgeries, I’ve been spending this down time reading into Macrobiotics and the whole relationship between food and how ill our society is in general. Cancer is on the rise, obesity rates are staggering, food portions are insane, food ‘quality’ seems to be a thing of the past and don’t even get me started on healthcare costs!

So could there be some serious truths with Macrobiotics? There’s certainly no argument that the diet most Americans eat is what’s causing our health problems… And I’m certainly not innocent; I know what I’ve eaten in my life and it’s nothing to be proud of. I just don’t know if it’s my burning desire to survive breast cancer that has me contemplating such a radical change in my eating or if it truly does make sense.

I do know this; miso soup with lentils and fresh arugula is mighty tasty and never disagrees with my system.

Have I actually matured enough to contemplate such things as ‘balance’…as in the natural balance…yin and yang, give and take, etc.? Or am I just on way too much Vicodin?!?!?