Signs seem to have taken over my craft room! Some are chalk, some are paint, some are solid colored, some are ombre colored and some have glitter.  They vary in sizes from 19″ round, magnetic chalk board, to 24″x36″ wood signs and even a few 12×12 reverse canvas signs. There is even a super sweet, personalized new baby sign.  This one is also a magnetic chalkboard and there are places to fill in changes for each month. More to come… Read more »

So be sure your days are filled with laughter… Anybody who knows me, knows that I’m originally from California and as luck would have it, a handful of my co-workers/boss is from there too.  One guy, in particular, is from Fontana…also affectionately known as Fontucky. And since finding out that Steve is from Fontana, I jokingly refer to him as Mr. Fontucky. Enter, my first beauty pageant sash! And because Steve is such a manly-man, it’s only right that I… Read more »