So be sure your days are filled with laughter… Anybody who knows me, knows that I’m originally from California and as luck would have it, a handful of my co-workers/boss is from there too.  One guy, in particular, is from Fontana…also affectionately known as Fontucky. And since finding out that Steve is from Fontana, I jokingly refer to him as Mr. Fontucky. Enter, my first beauty pageant sash! And because Steve is such a manly-man, it’s only right that I… Read more »

One of the great things about having Mischief is that I can whip out a card that looks fabulous in little-to-no time! This is especially handy when my husband pops into the craft room and asks if I can make him a card for one of the guys down at the train club – why, sure honey..of course I will! Then the other shoe drops! ‘Can you make it 3D or something, train themed (of course) and I’ll need it… Read more »