“Thank You” There were nights where I was sure I wouldn’t see the morning sun And there were days that seemed so dark I couldn’t wait for night to come I couldn’t stand to think about how My life used to be And how without a single warning It all slipped away from me Like a fool I thought I could fight The shadows on my own To the dark I was no stranger But this was stronger than I’d… Read more »

With arms wide open Under the sunlight Welcome to this place I’ll show you everything With arms wide open Now everything has changed I’ll show you love I’ll show you everything With arms wide open With arms wide open I’ll show you everything …oh yeah With arms wide open..wide open -Creed No-no, not me! Sooooooo not me! hahahaha Those days are long gone, sadly… But I can still delight in other people’s blessings 🙂 Babies, to me, are a new… Read more »