That seems to be my mantra these days…its only hair.  The trend for women with cancer these days is to shave their heads before the chemo causes it to fall out.  Why?  One reason is because it gives us a sense of power over the disease; we’re losing our hair on OUR terms.  The other reason is because it actually hurts when the hair falls out on its own.  It was described to me as the feeling of having an incredibly tight pony tail that is pulling on every single hair strand.  That is an experience I’ll gladly pass up!  This is also one of those times when you realize that although my brother’s love for me is a quiet love, its a very deep love.  Jason bravely wielded the buzzer and shaved my head yesterday…and true to my brother’s style, he managed to make something sad into something downright funny!  Thank you Jason, you mean the world to me.

Haircut 2 (2 of 6)-2

I’m also quite the lucky girl because not only do I have a big brother, I have a little sister.  Not just a sister though…she’s also one of my closest friends who instinctively knows what I need and when.  Whether its gooey fondue, decadent cupcakes or a wild night of laughter at the local dueling piano bar.  Thank you Rachel…for all the things I listed and for all the things I can’t 😉