Fall out has officially begun in one of the strangest of places…probably harder to see the hair fall out on my head since those hairs are so short.  I also have a couple nail beds where the ‘moons’ have a purplish tinge to them.  Next round is on the 26th/27th, hoping the migraines won’t continue…but if they do, its still a small price to pay to wipe out the cancer.

Lots of family flying in to help out; I’m super excited about seeing everyone…but hate that its under these circumstances 🙁
My sister flies in tonight and will be with me until the 26th
My brother will be here from the 25th-29th…I hope to be ‘up’ for celebrating his birthday while he’s here.
My mom arrives in October and will be with me for 3 weeks.
I may be 41, but in times like these, I want my parents <3
Tonight is the Homecoming game, so will be braving going out in public to partake in the festivities.  Saturday night is the Homecoming Dance – very exciting, Sam has her first ‘date’.  I’ll post pics later on this weekend.
Extra special thanks to Debbi for bringing by 5 meals – what a great cook and what a super friend.  Thank you so much; I really enjoyed the visit and the much needed laughter!