Fall out continues in a truly strange style!  Yesterday morning I started losing the hair on my head…but in ‘patches’  Leave it to my awesome sister to come up with the perfect adjective for what my ‘patches’ looked like…Mange.  Haahaahaaa  I totally looked like I had mange!  And for the first time since this mess began, I was embarrassed to show my head even in my own home…  So last night, out came the shaving cream and off came my stubble – thank you sis for a job well done 🙂

Yesterday was a big day for my daughter and without some very awesome people in our lives, it wouldn’t have turned out as great!  One of Sam’s friends let her borrow a very beautiful dress for her to wear to Homecoming so that we wouldn’t have to spend the money on a dress for Sam – Thank you Jojo!  Sam also received her first pair of pointe shoes, compliments of the studio, as a gift for all of her hard work and as a thank you for me creating a logo for them.
People don’t realize what a financial nightmare cancer is…yes, we have insurance, but it doesn’t cover everything and when you add time off from work to the mix, its make the struggle even harder.
Many thanks to our local friends for the wonderful casseroles they’ve brought by and the smiles they’ve brought with them.  For those who aren’t local and would like to help, a special site has been set up – http://www.gofundme.com/189pm0?pc=fb_cr  We understand that times are tough, but every little bit helps and we would truly appreciate it.