2 down, 14 to go!

This week I’ve had the pleasure of my brother and sister’s company during my long and oh so boring treatments. And on top of that, their cooking too! Yum! I am very luck to have a family filled such culinary talent 🙂

The good news, 2 treatments are done and out of the way! The bad news, the redness on the cancerous side continues to show up after each treatment and this treatment my cheeks turned pink durning my fluids/anti-nausea meds. Talk about funky! So my appointment with my oncologist has been moved from the 10th to the 3rd to talk about what’s happening.

I’m also feeling weaker after this treatment and have been battling dehydration the past few days but I’ve been able to maintain my weight and my blood counts are still looking very good. The pain from the Neulasta shots has paid off, it’s doing its job wonderfully.

These next couple of weeks will be filled with rest and not much more…I figure, on average, I sleep 18 hours a day…and still feel tired lol Go figure.

Hugs and love to all and thanks for the continued show of love and support :). Please keep the guest book posts coming, I enjoy every one of them!