More like 2 years in review, but who’s counting?! We bought a new home   We went to New Orleans We got braces, I discovered snapchat filters and we got our braces off. Samantha went to Prom My baby graduated! My husband built a pool and we had a great summer!   The Halloween/Christmas lights got a facelift.  The entire show had to be rebuilt to fit the new house.   Surprise! We prepared for Harvey, nervously laughed through it… Read more »

“18 Wheeler” Can’t keep me down Can’t keep me down, down Can’t keep me down I said you can’t keep me down You know you can’t keep me down I said you can’t keep me down -P!nk I would post more of that song…but….well…it has a bad word in it! That song has been my fight song for nearly a year now and although the message of the song is simple, its still quite powerful. And though I prefer songs… Read more »