We all know the benefit of a sticky mat…  But we also know that not all mats are created equally.  And when presented with a 40% off sale and a coupon for an additional 15% off sale items, a girl can’t help but be drawn into buying a subpar product. Enter in the good, the bad and some advice on how to handle it! First off; the good!  I love my Zing and the KNK mat that came with it… Read more »

I could stick around and get along with you Hello It doesn’t really mean that I’m into you Hello You’re alright but I’m here darling to enjoy the party Don’t get too excited ‘cus that’s all you get from me Hey! Yeah I think you’re cute but really you should know I just came to say hello Hello Hello Hello -Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette There’s something about this song that just gets me smiling and feeling upbeat..and no, its not… Read more »