Crafters and fellow paper crafting addicts, I would like to introduce you to Mischief — my partner in crime!



Isn’t Mischief AMAZING?!??! ¬†What? ¬†You’ve never heard of an eCraft??? ¬†Mischief is my first ever electronic die-cutter and oh the things she can do!!! ¬†But before I tell you how awesome Mischief is, you gotta clear your mind of everything you know about those other die-cutters that you can buy in the craft stores…this machine is NOTHING like those! ¬†How?

No sticky mat. ¬†None, nada, zip, nope! ¬†You don’t need it and really, who wants that? ¬†I don’t! ¬†Those things are gross and a total pain.

No insanely priced cartridges or image cards. ¬†I can use my own designs, I can use any of the wonderful designs available on the internet, I can use the cards designed for the machine (at VERY reasonable prices) and I can even purchase single designs off the eCraft website. ¬†Its MY choice and I’m a girl who likes choices!

3rd party software compatible. ¬†That’s right, THIRD PARTY PLUG-INS ALLOWED! ¬†So if you’re already using SCAL or MTC, there’s no need to stop using them. ¬†Don’t own those? ¬†No worries, eCraft come with software! ¬†Included! ¬†No extra charge… ¬†FREE!!!!

Inexpensive replacement blades. ¬†Not that you’ll need them for a while since the eCraft comes with 1 blade in the machine and 4 extras too. ¬†Not just that; this machine comes with a pen in the machine AND an extra one.

What have I cut with my Pinc?  Super thin paper, card stock, textured card stock, CHIPBOARD and I even kiss-cut some contact paper designs for my daughter who changes her bedroom decor almost as often as she changes clothes!  What is kiss-cut, you ask?  It means that I cut the sticky contact paper but not the wax paper it sits on.  How cool is that?!?!?  Bring on the VINYL, cuz I can cut that too!

Need to cut a whole bunch of the same design? ¬†I can do that too! ¬†My eCraft has 3 ways to feed paper…tray, roller and through the front. ¬†So to cut a bunch of the same design I just stack some paper in the tray, tell Mischief how many I want cut and off she goes! ¬†Why, she’ll even arrange the design so that I can get as many cuts as possible from each piece of paper…

Got a really intricate design? ¬†That’s easy! ¬†Place your paper on top of a sheet of card stock, feed them both into the machine and cut. ¬†The extra piece of card stock helps support the intricate design while its being cut. ¬†And no, you don’t need to use any adhesive…

Don’t like the color? ¬†How about blue or white or purple?

What else can an eCraft do? ¬†That’s what I’m going to find out; see, I’ve only had this machine for a few weeks. ¬†So keep stopping by to check out what Mischief and I have been up to! ¬†And while you’re waiting for my first project to get posted, why not have a look around eCraft’s website — the link is over there on the right side of my blog, up towards the top ūüôā