Can you hear it?

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, so it’s screaming loud and clear!  Pink is my favorite color and I love hearts so much that I have a collection of them…glass, wood, stone and even metal.  See, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about diamonds (though I’d never turn one down) and it’s not just about flowers and fancy meals.  And no, I won’t turn that down either!  But if you really want to make me swoon…think old fashioned ways to show me you love me.  Wild flowers picked on a walk, picnics in the park or hearts drawn in chalk.

That little sign above is just the beginning of my adventure into CHALK.  That’s right, that sweet sign is made completely out of chalk.  But not your usual chalk.  Nope, this stuff is way easier and a lot less dusty.  It can even be permanent.

It can also be a simple reminder to…

 and to remember that you are truly…


For more information on Chalk Couture, please message me or simply visit Chalked By Design

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