Well… maybe!  But what crafter doesn’t?  Go ahead…name one!

After the last entry I’ve still had card stock of the brain, big time!  You see, up until recently, I’ve led a rather sheltered card stock existence.  I never thought much about the card stock I was using so long as it was acid/lignin free, had some decent oomph* to it and came in the color(s) I was looking for.  Now some of you are going to see the pictures posted below and think ‘tsk tsk, what a noob’ but keep in mind that up until recently I only had one craft store available to me; now I have THREE!  All this time I hadn’t really paid much attention to that stark, white core that us crafters supposedly ‘love’; I just figured it was all there was and so I was stuck.  I never realized the vast collection of color cores out there!  So without further adieu, behold the wonders shown to me thanks to the W3.

First up Core’dnations And let me just say WOW!!!

Even the names are exciting!  What’s even more awesome, I found some at my local Hobby Lobby 🙂  Oh yes, I’ll be sneaking up there with a handy-dandy coupon just as soon as my husband heads to work…

Next up… Worldwin Papers.  Now if I could find some of THIS, my excitement levels would be downright alarming!

Cardstock…specifically for die cut machines.  Does it get any better then this?!?!?!  I need to hunt me down some of that there, new fangled paper and give ‘er a run fer ‘er money.  You betcha!  Do you have have some?  If so, what do you think of it?

And while I’m throwing questions out there…have you been able to come up with a name yet?  No?  That’s ok, I’ll give you more time 😉

Here’s an interesting type of cardstock that I stumbled across; its called DoubleMates.  Its TWO pieces of cardstock that have been laminated together to from a single piece of cardstock, it even has a little bit of texture on each side and comes in some very nice colors.

It would be interesting to see how those hold up going through a die-cutter.  Worldwin Papers has some really interesting products on the market, I’m surprised there isn’t more out there.  Have you heard of them?

So if you’re ready to go from THiS


Now you know a couple places that may offer what you’re looking for.

Still no name, huh?  That’s ok, I wasn’t really expecting one 😉

*a highly technical/precise measurement