Port surgery went smoothly and now that the local numbing meds have fully worn off, I can honestly say…this thing HURTS!  Of course today was also the first day that I wasn’t on top of my pain meds, so that may have something to do with my new found tenderness :\ Hopefully the area will calm down in time for its first official jab on the 29th LOL

My nurse navigator stopped by to see me at the surgery center and brought me another cancer goodie bag 🙂  This time its the ‘chemo’ bag; its bright pink with white piping around the bottom and the base is black (its VERY cute!)  Inside was lots of info on what to expect with chemo, a cookbook and a super soft pink blanket with ‘Young Survivor’s Coalition – Houston Affiliate’ embroidered on one of the corners with breast cancer logos flanking the words.  This blanket will go perfectly with ‘Ted’!

Tonight I also consulted with a Macrobiotics Lifestyle counselor…it was a very interesting and educational conversation.  I’m going to try to eat a lot cleaner through this next adventure in life but I don’t agree with some of the more spiritual sides of Macrobiotics.  At least it will make for some interesting journal entries down the road, right?
Upcoming events:
‘Ted’ (my chemo buddy) arrives 8/24/12
Tentative Chemo start date 8/29/12
Follow up with Foot Doc 9/6/12 (funny how that injury took a back seat with all this other fun going on! LOL)
Hot Flash Chit Chat with Doc 9/7/12
Look Good/Feel Better Seminar 9/10/12