In 1998, as I was preparing to go to Mary Birch hospital to have my labor induced early to save both my daughter and I, a tradition was started.  Along with all the usual items that new mom’s take to the hospital…I took along a large gift basket that my ex husband and I filled with candy, gum, nuts, chips, granola bars and hard candies as a gift to the nursing staff to thank them in advance for all the hard work and long hours that we all know they work.  This tradition has continued every time I’ve had a hospital stay…  Although I won’t be spending the night, or even a full day at the cancer center – tomorrow is the start of 28 weeks together.  So here’s my basket for my chemo nurses and there will be a sign on it telling all others to keep their hands off!  LOL I hope they enjoy all the little goodies and it helps them to know how much they are truly appreciated for their hard work and dedication.